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By Jim Healthy, America's Health Coach

Dear Reader Concerned About Your Blood Sugar,

When it comes to conquering diabetes and other blood sugar irregularities, certain foods, not medications, are your very best "medicine."

And science has proven it. Just look...

Researchers found that cinnamon contains a natural compound that removes excess glucose from your bloodstream just like insulin does!

It's a fact. Researchers at the USDA discovered the compound MHCP in cinnamon (short for methylhydroxy chalcone polymer) makes your cells so much more sensitive to insulinís glucose-lowering action, that it is about to become a new diabetes medication.

Keep reading to discover how adding more cinnamon to your diet can drastically improve your blood sugar...

The Proof Is In the Pudding: When scientists added cinnamon to rice pudding, they found it significantly lowered blood sugar in Type 2 patients compared to those who ate pudding without cinnamon. (Study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.) Keep reading to find my free recipe for this yummy
Insulin-Lowering Cinnamon Rice Pudding...

Beans are the worldís #1 Diabetes Superfood! Theyíre so good for your blood sugar that Type 1 patients were able to reduce their injected insulin dose by 38% simply by eating them. Hereís why...

Beans can dramatically improve your cellsí sensitivity to insulin (whether itís your bodyís own or injected). They force your metabolism to burn o stored body fat -- and they shut down your hunger hormones so you eat less. (More about this in a moment.)

  Eating certain varieties of fish can improve diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels Ö decreasing insulin resistance ... lowering blood pressure ... and blocking the formation of blood fats (triglycerides) which lead to heart disease --- the deadliest of all diabetic complications.

But only fish with high levels of omega-3 oils exert this benefit. Keep reading and Iíll tell you how to spot them...

Red meat isn't the "dietary bad guy" it has been made out to be. In fact, the meats I'll tell you about in a moment are true-blue Diabetes Superfoods - and clinical research on actual diabetes patients confirms it...

Danish scientists recently found that people who ate more red meat and saturated fat (also found in butter and dairy foods) gained less weight around their midsections than those on low-fat diets. Their waist measurements actually were smaller! And thatís a huge benefit for people with diabetes.

In a moment, I'll reveal how red meat and saturated fat got such a bad rap -- and the new studies proving that doctors have been absolutely mistaken about this beneficial fat for all these years.


Not in animal tests or test tubes, but in clinical studies on real people with diabetes - both Type 1 and Type 2!

And there are plenty of other Diabetes Superfoods every bit as amazing as these, with the power to...

bullet HELP STOP AND REVERSE Type 2 and prediabetes in their tracks!
bullet AID PATIENTS IN GETTING OFF their medications and diabetes-related prescriptions.
bullet ASSIST IN LOWERING INSULIN DOSES in Type 1s by up to 80% or more
bullet PROVIDE PROTECTION from the horrible complications of diabetes that cripple and kill four million diabetes patients every year!

This means you can actually use these delicious Diabetes Superfoods to lower your blood sugar ... improve your health ...  and prevent the nasty complications of diabetes.

You see, scientists have discovered that certain foods contain amazing medicinal powers when it comes to balancing your blood sugar ... increasing your cellsí insulin sensitivity (so you require less of the hormone) ... and protecting you from diabetic complications (more examples in a moment)...


These are the wonderful Diabetes Superfoods -- Mother Nature's yummy solution to the serious health problems caused by diabetes and prediabetes.

Research shows that these foods can nourish your body and reverse the harmful effects that chronically elevated blood sugar and insulin may have caused you.

Iíd love to invite you over for dinner at my house so you can taste how scrumptious these Diabetes Superfoods are -- while I show you the impressive medical evidence for their remarkable diabetesreversing powers.

Of course, I can't - because I'd be in the doghouse permanently with my wife for having so many dinner guests, night after night.

But here's an invitation almost as good...


With one click of your computerís mouse, you can download the e-book version of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS immediately - so you can try these yummy, diabetesreversing superfoods in your own home tonight!

(No worries if you're "computer challenged" like I am. You'll be guided through the simple download process. It's so easy, a child can do it. All you need is a printer.)

And there's absolutely no risk involved -- because if these Diabetes Superfoods don't utterly delight you and improve your blood sugar, you wonít pay a penny for my e-book! (More about this ďcanít possibly loseĒ offer a little later.)


As a health writer and researcher for 35
years, Jim Healthy helped to break the news about the biggest diabetes-reversal discoveries of our time - and put them together in a 30-day diabetes-reversing plan (co-authored with Dr. Stefan Ripich) that has helped tens of thousands of patients walk away from Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

During his prolific career, Jim has written about alternative medicine and natural remedies for such publications as Prevention magazine, Menís Health, Readerís Digest, and Boardrooms BOTTOM LINE Publications.

THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS is his newest book which features the top 12 superfoods that people with diabetes should build their diet around because of their uncanny ability to help reverse this epidemic medical condition.

This is your invitation to use these foods to reverse your Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. Keep reading to learn how...

Are you surprised to learn that certain foods can actually improve your blood sugar so much that they can trigger the reversal of Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes?

It shouldnít surprise you, because...

The wrong foods are usually responsible for causing diabetes, arenít they?

It's all true! Onions actually lower your
blood sugar levels by boosting your insulin.

They contain the sulfur compound
allyl propyl disulfide (APDS) which blocks
the breakdown of insulin in the liver, making more of it available to your body.

This is good news for diabetics, because the more insulin that's available, the lower your glucose levels will be.

But not all onions give this benefit.
See PAGE 14 of The Diabetes Superfoods to spot the onion varieties that do.

So, it only makes sense that the right foods (those with the proven power to overturn blood sugar problems) are able to halt and reverse Type 2 diabetes, while helping Type is reduce their insulin dose.

And these Diabetes Superfoods are clinically-proven to make a difference. For instance...

bullet Why diabetes rates are so low in Mediterranean countries. This super-healthy form of olive oil (on PAGE 19) is one of the main reasons. It stabilizes blood sugar and prevents dangerous cardiovascular complications. Hereís a yummy way to get more of it into your diet.
bullet Better than fresh fruit and vegetables?!? Yes. When it comes to fighting diabetes, this food group (on PAGE 3) is more healthful than fruit and veggies. Donít miss this!
bullet Lower your blood sugar with cinnamon. In a study published in Diabetes Care, people with Type 2 diabetes who ate this much cinnamon every day (small amount revealed on PAGE 34) reduced their blood sugar levels by almost a third!
bullet Secret reason Eskimos are "immune" to diabetes. They never used to get the disease until they began eating Western foods. Their surprising protection comes from the omega-3 fish in their traditional
diet. What's the very best variety of fish you can eat to reverse Type 2 and reduce Type 1 insulin doses? Donít miss PAGE 7 of The Diabetes Superfoods.

bullet How broccoli "re-sensitizes" your cells to insulin. It's particularly rich in the mineral chromium, which helps break down blood sugar and re-sensitizes the insulin receptors on every cell. PLUS: You'll discover the common foods which deplete chromium from your body, thus encouraging diabetes - or making it worse. On PAGE 16.
bullet Yogurt helps you shed belly fat. When obese men and women ate three six-ounce servings of fat-free yogurt daily, they lost 22% more weight and 80% more abdominal fat. The yogurt-eaters lost an impressive 61% more body fat than the non-yogurt group. PAGE 24 explains why this is especially beneficial to people with diabetes (85% of Type 2 diabetics are overweight).
bullet Diabetes "comfort carbs." These carbs actually help heal diabetes - and are ideal for glucose control. You'll read how they help your cells overcome insulin resistance (the precursor to full- blown diabetes). This prevents the toxic build-up of excess glucose in the bloodstream. PLUS: You'll discover "the perfect whole grain" for diabetics on PAGE 11.
bullet Have a steak! Contrary to what the "experts" say, high-quality protein and saturated fat are essential to keep your blood sugar balanced. But the source of those meat products is all-important. Grass-fed beef is high in omega-3s ("diabetes-reversing") and has far fewer calories than grain-fed cattle ("diabetes hurting"). PAGE 12 explains the critical difference.

And that's just for starters! You'll not only discover the identity of these impressive Diabetes Superfoods -- but you'll also see the scientific studies demonstrating their "super" nutritional powers.


Every one of these Diabetes Superfoods is ultra-rich in fiber to balance your blood sugar ... re-sensitize your cells to insulin (so your body will need less of it) ... and control your weight and appetite naturally.

They're also chock-full of antioxidants and nutrients to improve blood circulation (a common problem with people who have too much glucose in their bloodstream). This can help repair and re-nourish tissue and organs that have been damaged by excess blood sugar and poor circulation.

BONUS: These Diabetes Superfoods also protect your arteries, liver, brain, and other important organs to protect you from the terrible complications of diabetes.

So while you're helping your blood sugar, you'll also be improving your overall health.

These are the delicious Diabetes Superfoods you should be eating every single day to help balance your blood sugar ... use less insulin ... reverse the damage done to your body ... and boost your health and longevity.

Diabetics have another reason to eat more yogurt...

High blood sugar increases the risk for high blood pressure (hypertension), heart attack and stroke. (Once you have Type 2 diabetes, youíre twice as likely to also have hypertension. This a affects 30% of Type 1 diabetes patients, too.)

Recent research shows that eating "live culture yogurt" significantly lowered blood pressure in men and women after just eight weeks. (Published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.)

Anti-hypertensive medications don't always work for hypertensive diabetes - and sometimes they even aggravate the problem. Donít miss this important finding - plus new research that shows how these Diabetes Superfoods can help you eat your way to perfect blood sugar.

When you own a copy of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS you'll be able to identify, shop for and cook with the top 12 Diabetes-Reversing Superfoods - so you can build your diet around them for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Page after page tells how you can improve your blood sugar levels at every meal!

What a delicious way to control your glucose levels -- while reducing your dependence on medications (so your doctor can take you o? of them entirely!).

All the while, you'll be maximizing your intake of the Diabetes Superfoods that help restore the natural balance of glucose and insulin.

And the best news is: You're going to love how they taste because these superfoods are super-delicious.


Now you can know exactly which foods exert the greatest beneficial effects on diabetes and your blood sugar by owning a copy of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS (usual retail price: $29.95) right away.

In fact, you can download your copy immediately - at a very special discounted price -- simply by clicking on the weird-looking yellow button below that says "Click Here Now."

But you won't pay $29.95 - because I'm slashing our usual retail price for you.

Reason? I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone who's concerned about diabetes and their blood sugar to start eating Diabetes Superfoods as soon as possible.

You see, I've set a very ambitious goal for myself in 2012. I'm committed to helping 1 million people with Type 2 diabetes reverse their insulin resistance ... so they can get off all their medications ... and start living a normal healthy life!

And the fastest, easiest way to get started is by...


You'll read how these superfoods actually can help reverse the underlying causes of haywire blood sugar and insufficient insulin.

That means you can eat them all day (every day!) to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels naturally low.

  • Eating just three cups of beans per week can significantly improve your blood sugar. And medical studies prove it! Just look...
  • In a five-year study of 64,000 women, eating beans resulted in a 38% reduction in risk for Type 2 diabetes. (Reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.)
  • Beans can reduce your insulin dose. Dr. James Anderson found that people with Type 1 diabetes reduced their need for insulin by almost half just by eating beans. And those with Type 2 reduced their need for insulin and other diabetes medications, -- and in some cases completely eliminated them.
  • When overweight Latino children substituted a half cup of beans for one daily soda, they significantly lowered their risk for Type 2 ... lost weight ... and experienced significant improvements in insulin response.
  • Discover all these amazing foods in THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS (worth $29.95). Keep reading to get your copy...


The answer could be MONEY. Here's what I mean...

  • Pharmaceutical companies can't possibly profit when people like you control your blood sugar with foods, instead of their high-priced (and dangerous!) prescriptions.
  • Your insurance provider refuses to pay your doctor to educate you about diet and lifestyle modifications - even though this is the most successful (by far!) diabetes-reversing treatment we have.
  • And food manufacturers would lose a bundle if word got out that many of their most popular junky food products and beverages actually make diabetes worse -- or cause it in the first place.

In short, our entire "disease industry" is wildly wealthy because it endorses food products that upset our blood chemistry and lead to obesity from the time we are small children...

... then it sells us expensive (and often quite risky) prescription medications and medical treatments that "manage" our blood sugar, but do nothing to reverse the underlying problem - or prevent the horrible complications that kill and cripple four million diabetics every single year!

My mission is to help you get off this crazy merry-go-round while you still can.


You see, it's not enough to merely eat more of these Diabetes Superfoods.

Improving your blood sugar and reversing insulin resistance also requires that you quit doing (and eating) the things that make your diabetes worse - or cause it in the first place.

In fact, this is so vital to your health that I want you to have this valuable FREE GIFT....


Did you know that many common foods and beverages secretly make diabetes WORSE?

It's true! These "diabetes devils" are everywhere.

Unless you reduce (or eliminate) your intake of these diabetes-hurting substances, any positive steps you are now taking to improve your blood sugar are completely WASTED.

That's why I also want you have a copy of The Diabetes Devil Foods - the book that unmasks these secret health-robbers so you can avoid them completely - or begin to cut back your consumption of them.

Youíll be able to download this valuable information immediately when you click on the funny-shaped, yellow "Click Here Now" button below so you can learn about...

The most dangerous sweetener. Sweetened foods are bad for your blood sugar, but high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is even worse. Reason? It interferes with proper insulin release, which in turn interferes with getting glucose out of your bloodstream. And it isnít just soda and other sweetened beverages you have to worry about. HFCS is also found in these seemingly innocent food products. See PAGE 4 in your FREE COPY of The Diabetes Devil Foods.

Are diet sodas OK? A 2009 study found that drinking diet soda every day increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by up to 67%! The health dangers of artificial sweeteners were demonstrated by numerous studies (see PAGE 4).

Read why they are especially bad for people with diabetes.

Worse than eating table sugar. These popular "fast carb" foods are the secret under-the-radar cause of todayís dual epidemics of diabetes and obesity. Few consumers realize the damage these foods do to the bodyís metabolism - so itís important that you see PAGE 4 right away.

The "whole wheat" scam. Beware of labels that proclaim "Made with Whole Wheat." In many cases, the main ingredient is merely refined white flour that has brown food coloring added. PAGE 6 reveals how to tell the difference between "whole wheat" and truly-healthful "whole grain."

The Killer in White Bread and White Flour

Did you know...

Chlorine gas is used to bleach wheat flour to make it white. But in the process, a by-product called alloxan is created that actually destroys beta cells in the pancreas responsible for making insulin!

Scientists regularly use alloxan to induce diabetes in lab animals because it destroys the insulin-producing function of the pancreas, allowing glucose levels to shoot sky-high.

Consuming white flour products has the same effect on your blood sugar as eating table sugar! And it also damages your pancreas. See PAGE 5.

See the proof in The Diabetes Devils Foods. It's a $29.95 value - but Iíll send you a copy ABSOLUTELY FREE with your purchase of the new THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS.

Does eating meat cause diabetes? Some people want you to think so. But the truth is, meat is an excellent source of necessary protein and good fats - both are critical for managing your blood sugar naturally. And saying "saturated fat is bad" is pure nonsense. What really matters is how the animal products have been raised. Don't miss this critical distinction on PAGE 6.

Not all fish are good for you. Getting enough omega-3 fish oil in your diet can help stabilize your glucose levels, while protecting you from deadly diabetes complications. But be careful when shopping. Farm-raised fish are poor sources of omega-3 and contain pollutants and toxins. Read how to spot these "no-no" fish - and why you should avoid them. PAGE 6

Why You Don't
Realize You Are Full

It's in almost every commercial food product. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is everywhere - even foods that are supposed to taste sweet. And itís a secret cause of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Hereís why...

HFCS interferes with leptin, the hormone that tells your brain youíve eaten enough. Without this signal, youíre much more likely to overeat and gain weight.

Don't be fooled by marketing campaigns calling HFCS a "natural food." There's nothing natural about how it harms your health.

See the facts in your FREE COPY of The Diabetes Devil Foods (a $29.95 value). It's just one of the FREE GIFTS you'll receive with your purchase of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS.


The canola oil hoax. The ads call it "the healthy oil" -- yet it's anything but. Your FREE COPY of The Diabetes Devil Foods explains why canola (plus the other so-called "healthful" vegetable oils I mention) are especially bad for you. Plus: You'll discover the truly healthful oils you should be cooking with.

What about kids' foods? It's never too early to start a diabetic or overweight child on the path of good health. PAGE 11 brings you valuable dietary tips for children with Type 1 or Type 2 - or who are on the brink. Donít miss this!

Plus many other secrets just like these! Don't let these "hurting foods" wreck your blood sugar, destroy your health and shorten your life for another moment.

Get your copy of The Diabetes Devil Foods right away so you can kick them out of your life.

It's a $29.95 value, but you can download a copy right now ABSOLUTELY FREE when you click the weird-looking yellow button below to purchase THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS at a very special discounted price.


I wrote THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS to help you improve your blood sugar and your health so you can get off your prescription medications completely -- or dramatically lower your dose!

But you'll also receive many other health benefits from eating these Diabetes Superfoods. In fact, improving your diet can create a "brand new you" by helping you...
bullet Lose weight effortlessly without dieting
bullet Have more energy due to improved circulation
bullet Feel more self-confident than you have in years
bullet Protect yourself from the deadly complications that befall most diabetics
bullet Improve your memory and mental function
bullet Sleep much better
bullet Pep up your love life


How is this all possible? Easy.

Eating to improve your blood sugar will also improve the health of your whole body!

That's because excess glucose and insulin in your bloodstream for a prolonged period causes widespread inflammation, the "bad guy" behind most chronic and degenerative diseases - including Alzheimer's, heart disease and obesity, just to name a few.

So, reducing inflammation caused by elevated blood sugar and insulin levels can produce positive benefits in your brain, your arteries, your liver, and your entire body.

That's why these Diabetes Superfoods are so terrific for your overall health. You'll be improving every important aspect of your well-being with every bite! And...


If you're looking for an alternative to a lifetime on diabetes medications, I invite you to give THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS a try. How can these Diabetes Superfoods help improve your blood sugar and reverse your insulin resistance? Here are just a few of the ways...
bullet Balance your blood sugar and lower your insulin levels naturally.
bullet Allow your doctor to reduce your medications - or withdraw them entirely.
bullet Lose excess pounds and inches without going on a diet.
bullet Enjoy a fantastic variety of delicious food - without ever feeling hungry or deprived.
bullet Improve every aspect of your health in the process.
bullet Protect you from the horrible complications of diabetes, which kill and cripple four million people with the disease every year.


This is truly a super offer.

When you purchase THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS at a special discounted price, youíll also receive - ABSOLUTELY FREE - a copy of THE DIABETES DEVIL FOODS.

That's a total value of $59.90!

THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS Book                             Retail price: $29.95

FREE GIFT #1: THE DIABETES DEVIL FOODS           Retail price: $29.95

                                                                                          TOTAL VALUE: $59.90


If you order your "satisfaction guaranteed" e-copy of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS right now, Iíll also give you 7 more FREE BONUS GIFTSÖ

FREE GIFT #2: I'm going to send you my DIABETES SUPERFOODS MINI-POSTER (retail price: $4.95) to hang on your refrigerator door, so you'll see at a glance The Top Diabetes Superfoods that are proven to heal and reverse blood sugar irregularities. These are the foods that are actually like medicine for you - and this Mini-Poster will remind you!

FREE GIFT #3: I also want you to have my Fridge Poster of THE TOP 10 DIABETES DEVIL FOODS (a $4.95 value), so you can avoid the foods that trigger blood sugar problems and make diabetes worse. Avoiding them is a big step in healing diabetes -- and this Mini-Poster will help you remember.

FREE GIFT #4: You'll also receive my Mini-Poster of THE DIABETES HEALING HERBS (retail price: $4.95). These "magnificent 7" culinary herbs contain powerful natural compounds that have been shown to reduce your body's need for insulin -- and balance your blood sugar naturally. These are Mother Nature's diabetes-healing plants.

FREE GIFT #5: Which spices act like real "medicine" against diabetes? You'll find them illustrated and described on your FREE COPY of THE DIABETES HEALING SPICES (retail price: $4.95) - the beautifully colorful Mini-Poster that hangs on your fridge door as a constant reminder.

FREE GIFT #6: You'll also receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to my Diabetes- Reversing Secrets e-newsletter. Each week you'll receive important news and practical tips that will inspire and motivate you on your quest to reverse your diabetes ... improve your blood sugar ... and boost your health.

FREE GIFT #7: Finally, you'll receive a FREE Lifetime Membership to which includes a weekly newsletter that brings you yummy diabetes healing recipes, breakthrough diabetes healing news and remedies, plus much more. Itís the best way to keep up with the latest advances in healing your blood sugar without medications or surgery.


You'd be crazy to let this fabulous offer get away! So please don't!

You can immediately download THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS and your 7 FREE GIFTS to your computer with the click of your computer's mouse.

Simply click on the funny-looking yellow button below to purchase THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS at a very special discounted price.

Are you ready to discover the delicious way to balance your blood sugar naturally? To reduce your medication dose -- or quit it entirely? And to prevent the deadly complications of diabetes for good?

Then start tonight by filling your plate with these amazing Diabetes Superfoods.


You already know that controlling your blood sugar with prescription medications produces NO HEALING EFFECT AT ALL -- so why not make every effort to get off them?

Plenty of research shows that diabetes meds do NOTHING to protect you from the deadly complications of the disease (which are the most serious dangers of having the disease).

But improving your diet definitely can!

Diabetes prescription medications can never reverse your condition.

Your only chance for lasting better health is to STOP eating the "diabetes devil foods" that are threatening your life - and to START enjoying the Diabetes Superfoods that have been proven to turn this terrible disease around.


You can download THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS to your computer and print it out - along with your 7 FREE GIFTS (worth $169.95) right now. (Itís so easy, a child can do it with the simple step-by-step instructions we provide.)

And you are not risking a penny - because I'll personally guarantee your complete satisfaction:

If you're not absolutely delighted with THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS
and your 7 FREE GIFTS, just let me know and I'll reverse your credit card
charge immediately - and send you a confirmation email proving it.

So start eating these delicious Diabetes Superfoods this very night - to begin improving your blood sugar and to start turning your diabetes around immediately!

Download a "satisfaction guaranteed" copy of THE DIABETES HEALING SUPERFOODS right now - and begin healing your blood sugar naturally with your very next meal!

Sincerely yours,

Jim Healthy, Editor and Publisher

P.S. You're not risking a penny. If you're not 100% satisfied with THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS and your 7 FREE GIFTS, just tell me and I'll issue an immediate FULL-PRICE REFUND to your credit card -- along with a confirmation e-mail proving it.

That's a FULL MONEY-BACK guarantee. And you can keep your 7 FREE GIFTS (worth $169.95) with my compliments.

Let Mother Nature's amazing Diabetes Superfoods come to your rescue.

Say NO to diabetes now! Don't let this absolutely risk-free opportunity get away. You have nothing to lose but your poor health - and everything to gain.

Download a "satisfaction guaranteed" copy of THE DIABETES SUPERFOODS right now -- and begin healing your blood sugar naturally with your very next meal!

Thanks for reading this letter. Now - as promised - here's the recipe for my yummy Insulin-Lowering Cinnamon Rice Pudding...

Insulin - Lowering
Cinnamon Rice Pudding

For dessert or breakfast, you'll love this diabetes-busting pudding. The warm, aromatic tones of cinnamon, a hint of honey, creamy milk, and the satisfying crunch of nuts make this rice pudding irresistible. The whole grains, cinnamon, butter, and nuts all help put the brakes on glucose. But nothing curbs the comfort, so dig in!

4 servings

1 cup rice brown
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup water
1 tablespoon cinnamon

A 2003 Study in the journal Diabetes Care found that intake of 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon per day reduced serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. This suggests that including cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

1 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup currants
1/4 cup nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans) chopped

Combine the rice, milk, honey and water and simmer for 30-35 minutes or until rice is al dente.

Add the cinnamon and cook for 10-15 minutes more or until rice is tender and sauce is thick.

Stir in the butter, currants and nuts and serve with extra milk on top.

Nutritional Information
(per serving)

Glycemic Load: 26
Calories: 296
Total Fat: 13g
Saturated Fat: 5g
Polyunsaturated Fat: 4.1g
Monounsaturated Fat: 2.7g
Cholesterol: 20mg
Sodium: 54mg
Potassium: 314mg
Total Carbohydrate: 40g
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 11g
Protein: 8g

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